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Welcome to my Blog πŸ™‚ My name is Bill Hugall and much like you it’s been a Crazy Ride so Far on this Internet marketing Journey.

This post won’t be teaching you anything (That will come a bit later) πŸ™‚ Instead I would like this post to be a chance for me to tell you a bit about who I am so you can decide by the end of it if I’m someone you want to learn from or not. Sound Cool?


During this post I am going to take the chance to show you a few things and use some images to show you just how far I’ve come. Why would that matter to you in the slightest? Because I didn’t just stumble into an online income and nobody GAVE me anything. I had to EARN it all.

There are no pipe dreams or magic tricks on this site. Everything you learn about my story could easily happen to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an offline business owner or Β an online dream seeker, you’ve come to the right place. IF I show you something it will apply to every area of online marketing. Local business owners who simply want more traffic all the way up to those dreaming of getting affiliates commissions while they sleep.

The very simple goal of this site is to keep you up to date on the latest trends and happenings in the online marketing space.
I will show you what’s working now and even give you some pointers along the way to make sure you get up and running in no time. So feel free to learn a bit more about me in the next couple paragraphs, or simply cruise around the site. Either choice you make I can promise that you will learn something you didn’t know before you got here πŸ™‚


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That’s me now. Kind of important to know because this hasn’t always been the case. Just three short years ago I was looking for something more. I was a construction worker who had lost EVERYTHING in 2008. We all know about that. Until that point we had a thriving Six-figure a year construction company and I was making around $60 an hour.

I can still remember the week. One by one the calls just kept coming in from builders who were no longer going to be building because no one was buying. In one week we lost $300,000 in work and were effectively done. One by one all the fancy things left as anyone who had work certainly wasn’t going to pay me $60 an hour to do it. Β The only J.O.B I could find paid me $18/hour.

The fall from grace was fast and hard.

$40,000 in tools… gone

5 employees… gone

Brand new trucks… gone!

The only thing that was left was debt. There were still payments that needed to be made. Payroll, workman’s compensation. taxes. You name it and somehow it all found it’s way into the “Must be paid NOW” column. Needless to say I wasn’t in a very good place mentally. Friends seemed to disappear as well. I must admit that part of this was due to some shame on my part, but at the end of the day what they say is true. You will know who your real friends are when all the money is gone and and you are at your lowest.

Then it happened. I typed to dreaded words into Google. “How to Make Money online”Β .

From that point on it was a couple years of FAILING! Nothing but Failing. The worst part of all is that I began to actually think that I was a Failure, and while she won’t admit it, I’m pretty sure my wife was beginning to feel the same way.

So after years of searching I began to realize that I needed to do a complete overhaul. Mentally, emotionally and developmentally. The one thing I was doing right while in this great depression. I kept learning about the internal mind. The self talk and the way I interacted with the world. Holy shit, did I think I knew it all or what?

There will soon be a post made about the stuff I used to tidy up my inner world, but the underlying message was this. IF you want more from the world you need add more to the world and build your personal value. This SUCKED!! At the time all I wanted to do was fill my own little pockets and get back on track. Why should I be helping other people? I HAD NOTHING!!


It Turns out the Subconscious Does Listen and Apply


Here’s the kicker of it all. Once I had spent more than $1000 online in courses and education. I actually knew more than 90% of the people out there. Now today we have so many ways for people to make an online income its insane! The one thing I didn’t understand was that once I had this info, there were no dues to pay (Colin Theriot). Had I just manned up and got the message I could have been years ahead! YEARS!!

All I had to do was apply it and then help people with the knowledge I gained through practical application. This was the ticket. With this amazing awakening not only was I able to build my business up to over $3000/month but soon after I was able to quit my J.O.B and begin to get back on track.

Now this is what a typical day looks like for me:










That’s my office (well, only when it’s sunny out). I love sitting by the pool while everyone else is at work. LOVE IT!!

I generate well over six-figures (on my way to 7) every year and have quickly become one of the most respected and trusted coaches online.
My clients, build solid businesses, contribute amazing value to the marketplace and all operate with integrity. Which can sometimes be hard to find when you are just getting started out online!

Now I could go on and on about how awesome life and I’m sure that I will sprinkle some of that into my posts in the future to help remind you that YOU can do this. For now I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this and get familiar with me. If you are looking for some quick Free training that will get you up and running fast, look over on the right hand side of the page right now and you will see an optin form that will lead you to a case study of how I was able to generate $18,000 in under 90 days. If that could help you out, simply fill out the form and get started.

This Site will become home to amazing free and paid training’s that will all help you build your business. Online or offline. If you want to build a profitable online presence this will be your place to do so.

These days I’m lucky enough to run with some pretty amazing and successful people. That helps you because I’m going to make sure that you have access to these people. Interviews, reviews and all that kind of good stuff. So keep your eyes open because you won’t need much more than this site if you want to build and grow your business with integrity and class.

Talk soon and thanks again for Stopping by πŸ™‚



Bill Hugall