Keeping it Simple

As I finishing the training area, You can see what I’ve got for you so far Here. I thought we would go over the simple process of everything involved in making money online.

Instead of giving you random images I thought I would paint you a little story of what this whole thing is and how exactly it works so that maybe you can begin to see it in places you haven’t been looking. once it clicks… oh man you are going to be ROLLING along!!

This may not be the sexiest post you’ve ever read, but it just might give you that aha moment you’s been searching for.

Really, this is the “secret” that everyone chases and has probs heard 100 times. The truth of it all is that it’s probably the easiest info on internet marketing to gasp emoticon

I will break it down right here step by step:

Find a need or want that someone has. Then find out if other people are having the same issues or burning desires if so… we may have a winner.

The cool part about digital marketing is that the overhead is so low and the profits are so high. Its kinda silly not to do it.

So a simple example would be this.

I want to lose 40lbs and do it fast without fad dieting.

***You will see people’s goals a lot when you pick a niche and do the research.

The solution to my problem is a quick free guide that gives me a simple meal plan and a little workout that can at least get me started with the first 10lbs.

Once I have this guide and see how simple and fun it can be thanks your to posts on Facebook in the “private member’s only” group I will be feeling alive. At the very least I will feel inspired. There is nothing better you can do for someone than inspire them and then help them ride that wave to success.

Once you have me in this group and you continue to offer me awesome value. Free videos, little pdf’s crazy deals on supplements and on and on and on. You will then sell me a front end product.

The cool part is that you haven’t set the price bar. Since are not in a market that caters to low spenders and we have provided MASSIVE value we can set the bar quite high. $67/mth

This offer can be some videos a meal plan and access to your live interactive Fitness club (Facebook group) with other excited people on the same quest. This works well because it builds community and relationships. The side benefit of all this value is people don’t want to leave their friends and they’re all getting results.

Guess what happens when you offer me special access to an elite daily group that you post in and answer questions in?
(Let’s call this bad boy OTO1.)

To answer the question, I buy it. It has become a value to my life. Now you can keep going with the funnel there and do like weekly boot-camps and stuff, but your end goal would be a live retreat for thousands of dollars.

***I should also mention that you will now be getting referrals which means the business is building itself.

That’s it dude! The great thing is that you can start building all this now for like $30 to $50 a month.

So the question now would be what niche do I jump into.
Do some digging. Don’t worry about your passion. The lifestyle takes care of that. Focus on the passions of others and then sell them stuff they want because it adds value to their life. You would be surprised at the impact you could have on the world if you just follow this plan.