Understanding the Basics

  This internet marketing thing can confuse a lot of people. With hundreds of
ways  to get started making money online, there needs to be some clarity.
That is what this site will do. We will cover the basics to get you up and running fast online.
There will also be live Advanced training workshpops with some more advanced material. So bookmark this
page and keep and eye on your in box for the details.


Email Marketing Tools

These are my suggested email providers.
I have used both and can answer questions in the comments below if you
are using them.

If not grab your accounts by clicking the links below:


Getting Paid

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Warrior Click Here



Domains and Hosting

Grab your domain and hosting Below

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Setting up Landing Pages



Landing pages can be extremely simple to set-up and EVERYONE should have one.
Feel free to use the tools below to get yourself started!



Easy to Make Professional quality Images



One of the things people dread, or at least I did was having to try and learn how to make images.
paint sucks. Photoshop is not for new people and Fiverr can take forever. Plus the work can often be shoddy.

So, what’s the solution?

For me it’s free to use for thirty days and it  make clean images quickly. It’s camtasia and it’s awesome check out the video
and then get cracking!

Check out the First Module from my Award winning Product the Laptop Rainmaker

There are very few videos on the internet that will truly help you understand how to make a
long term scalable income online. So sit back and enjoy