What Would I do with $200 to my name?

So, the other day Ian Wicks asked a great question on my first ever blog post.

He want to know what I would do with only $200 and starting from scratch.


This is one I get asked by friends and people who just don’t like the IM space but they want to create a simple low overhead business.

The world we live in now seems to be filled with so many rainbows, and unicorns that it’s hard to understand how simple it can be to get up and running fast, but most people just don’t have the right understanding of how to actually succeed.

Application is the key!

There will be those people who will look at what they learn in the video below and find reasons not to do it. I encourage you to be different. If you really need some cash and want an easy to set up business, follow the video below. There is no faster way I have seen than this.

Anyone anywhere can make this happen. All it takes is the effort to make it happen. I should also note that this is the method I used to push me over the hump. It’s what gave me that final boost that allowed me to work from home full time.

It’s my sincerest hope that it helps you make a ton and start seeing that anything is possible. Enjoy!


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